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A truly fantastic artificial turf grass pool side job by

Royal Grass Australia.


Urban style relaxing on synthetic grass in a restaurant project in Hong Kong by

Royal Grass Australia.


Synthetic turf also known as Astro turf grass specially developed for sports has many advantages such as longevity, low maintenance (no mowing or weeding), optimal shock absorbtion, water saving, more versatility in turning and pushing movements, many options of thickness and colour to choose from and more.

Public & Urban

Synthetic grass helps to address the demand issues caused by urban densification. It allows kids and adults to stay physically active which has flow on benefits to their mental health. There is no equivalent alternative to synthetic grass. It’s durability more than doubles that of natural and/or hybrid turf.

Source: (1) Synthetic grass is a solution to urban densification | LinkedIn


No matter what size these enclosed gardens are, a multitude of imaginative approaches to convey individuality in a courtyard design can be utilised.

Here is a perfect combination of synthetic lawn and wood in this well thought out courtyard.


Artificial turf used in homes and public playgrounds is a perfect and safe playing surface because it is soft, provides shock absorbtion, is IPEMA certified, is resistant to harsh weather, has a natural grass look and feel, is easier on kids when it comes to scrapes and falls, doesn’t need water or mowing, is available in many colours and more.


Give those small, fishbowl, cubicle offices an “outdoorsy” facelift by adding artificial grass to make them feel cooler and larger as illustrated here by 

Turfgreen Australia.

Schools & Nurseries

Child friendly artificial grass for schools, nurseries and play areas is soft, safe, durable, allergy safe and requires minimal maintenance. Comparable to an outdoor carpet, special shock absorbing underlays are fitted underneath for safety as per typical critical fall height guidelines. 


An attractive garden demonstrating how effectively synthetic turf can be utilised between paving slabs.

Roof Gardens

This expansive roof garden encapsulates a cinematic aerial platform above River Thames. Intuitively organic to it’s buildings sinuous blueprint, juxtaposed by architectural flora, the roof garden’s symmetrical design captures an abundance of awe-inspiring London landmarks. Design and words: Amir Schlezinger

Balconies & Terraces

The exceptional adaptability of artificial grass lends itself to being a great product to bring boring balconies and terraces to life.


Synthetic turf is popular in gyms where people push their limits because it helps reduce impact injuries, is easy on the joints, absorbs shock during jumps and falls, is non-slip, is super functional, versatile, is easy to maintain  and more.

Synthetic turf in gym